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It is my strong belief that the day has come seriously for a good change of Manipur. Because, life’s battles don’t always go to the strong and the brave man, but the man who wins is the man who thinks “He can” & we believe in our 16 (Sixteen) sister organization so, now we are united. In view of this, the most important work of the 16 (Sixteen) sister organization is to identify the changes that have already happened. The important challenge in society, economics, politics, is to exploit the changes that have already occurred and to use them as opportunities. If we only have great organizations, we will merely have a prosperous society, not a great one. So we begin with passion, then we refine passion with rigorous assessment of what we can be best contributor to the communities we touch. We are building on the resources represented by our young professionals, young entrepreneurs, young volunteers and by the farmers of our different communities. Without their participation we cannot succeed, but with their involvement we never fail. So united is “SMART”.

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